Queenby Human hair wig

24 inch Lace wig 100% Brazilian virgin human hair Color and Style like pictures 150% Density
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  • Silk top full lace wig
    Silk top full lace wig
  • Silk Base
    Silk Base

Products specifications

Cap Construction Glueless Lace Front Wig
Hair Length 24 inches
Hair Color like picture
Hair Style & Texture Body Wave
Hair Density 150% High
Warehouse Abroad
Wig Cap:
  • Queenby offers its clients several options in terms of types of the wig cap. We have a full lace wig with a Silk base. It can be used with or without an adhesive.
  • In Queenby, we are keen on providing full root advantages without using an adhesive. When you fix it, you can use barrettes or clips from three sides in addition to a rear adjustable straps. 
  • It contains  4*4 Inch silk base at the front and at the back lace scalp. Therefore, it gives a very natural appearance in such a way as not to seem like a wig at all.
  • It can be lifted from the back like a ponytail and it can be dispersed from all sides.
Type of fur:
Silky fur as picture below
It starts from 8 inches to 32 inches
Intensity of Baroque
  • The intensity range between Baroque
  • 130% medium density
  • 150% high intensity
  • 180% extreme intensity
Wig sizes
  • The wig is available in medium sizes that are suitable for all head sizes.
  • Further, it has a rear rubber corset to control the wig in terms of narrowing and widening.To make the wig comfortable and suitable for your head size in case it is bigger or smaller than usual. Our factories design wigs in accordance with the client's head sizes. We will review together the method of measuring the wig sizes.
  • All sizes are measured in centimeters.
  • First
    :The size of the cap is the entire circumference of the head as shown in the picture
  • Second
    : From the front of the front to the back of the head as shown in the picture
  • Third
    : From the side to the side of the front as shown in the picture
  • Fourth
    : From the side to the side of the above as shown in the picture
  • Fifth
    : From the side to the side of the back as shown in the picture
Scalp color
Scalp color differs according to the complexion color. Queenby has the following scalp colors:
Light brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
How to wear a wig?
  • 1
    Clean the front of the forehead using a piece of cloth wetted with warm water or alcohol to get rid of oils and impurities.
  • 2
    Carefully cut the lace so that it can suit the forefront size.
  • 3
    Wear the wig as shown in the picture while observing the hairline.
  • 4
    Enjoy the wig shape and comb it as you like after fixing it with barrettes and a real corset.
How to take care and wash your wig?
Get Ready
Using Shampoo
Add Conditioner
Rince in water
Towel the hair
Hungup to air dry
After Washing
Queenby tips to brush hair easily:
  • Mix an equal amount of baby oil and hair conditioner. Then use the fingers to brush the hair by distributing it to untie the knob. After that, use the hairbrush to brush it.
  • Use a round hairbrush of hair dryer if the hair tips are rough.
  • Divide the hair into three parts. Then put a cup of water in the container. After that, add three big spoons of hair conditioners. Then shake it well. Then, spray a little amount of the mix on each tuft, especially, the hair tips area. Then brush it using a hairbrush.
  • Brush the hair before washing. It is not recommended that you brush wet hair to prevent hair loss.
  • Start combing hair tips. Then comb the entire hair tufts to prevent losing plenty of hair.
  • Use a comb with wide teeth instead of a hairbrush in order to get rid of hair knobs.
  • Rinse the hair with cold water after washing it to prevent curly hair. Then untie hair interlocking using fingers. After that, smooth it during washing
Why should you choose Queenby to buy your favorite wig?
  • Our keenness in Queenby on providing the best natural and artificial types of hair is one of the most important reasons encouraging you to purchase Queenby wig quickly.
  • Further, we can replace the product for free if it violates the specifications agreed upon within a period of seven (7) days from the date of receiving the order.
  • There are other several benefits including free shipping and free wig accessories.
  • Further, we have a crew for customer service who are largely experienced in wigs field, help you in choosing the best wig for you and answer all your inquiries around the clock.